Since ChangeLabs was founded in 2004, Rik has been focused on creating spaces in which people can design and shape their future.


Rik Berbé MSc

Founder, innovator and facilitator

I'm curious to all kinds of innovations and inspired by science-fiction books. Moreover, fascinated by how people behave in groups and organizations.



At ChangeLabs - I work with teams on complex challenges. As change guide and workshop facilitator for leaders, managers and other change-makers who are navigating in a fast changing world. I support in transforming organizations and places into sustainable and future-proof eco-systems. 

Our approach radically accelerates the realization of desired outcomes. We believe in the 'wisdom of crowds' and master 'the art of hosting' bringing people together in ChangeLabs. Creating safe spaces in which teams experience a journey of exploration, innovation and action.


ChangeLabs is a hub in a network of innovative partners in the field of organization and place development.


We work with clients in the Netherlands and throughout the world. A mix of profit organizations, non-profit organizations and urban places. Happy to share stories about ChangeLabs:

For non-profit: Ministerie van Defensie, Politie Academie, BISc, BiblioNet, Natuurmonumenten, Gemeente Zaanstad, Gemeente Nijmegen, Gemeente Zwolle, Lijn 1, Unie van Waterschappen, St. Josephscholen, AVANS hogeschool, Windesheim hogeschool, Landstede, GIZ, Haag Wonen, Nijestee, Eigen Haard, Waterschap Friesland, Zorggroep Oktober, Tjallingahiem, Mee, SPA.


For profit: Betaalvereniging Nederland, Shell, Nedlloyd, Boomsma shipping, Bayer, Roche diagnostics, Cadmatic, Aegon, Sun Alliance, Transavia, Selikor.