• Rik Berbé

What is a ChangeLab?

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Change Labs are open, collaborative spaces for the co-creation of solutions to complex organizational and urban challenges. Change Labs provide a context, space, and methodology for bringing a diverse set of stakeholders together around a complex challenge they face. Similar to the way we have labs for our technical challenges where we experiment and explore unknown solutions in a safe to fail environment, Change Labs aim to do the same for the complex organizational and urban challenges.

A lab provides a stable platform for experimentation and discovery, where we collectively try to explore and find solutions to our most pressing challenges through new ways of thinking and organizing. This approach is of particular relevance today as we find that our existing ways of organizing are not designed for the wicked challenges we face. We find a new requirement now placed on individuals and organizations to engage in open-ended and unknown transition processes. As such Change Labs enable people to come together and work together to realize a transition process within a group set of actors.

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